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The Ultima Education Team

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LAURA & TIM first worked together at the Oxford University Assessment Centre, where Laura quickly outshone Tim in most things, despite him being her manager. While having almost nothing common, they found that they work very well together and share a clear vision for running a service that puts students at the heart of what we do. Outside of work, Laura is currently studying an MBA while also somehow managing to raise her two children. Tim, with teenage daughters and having completed his education many years ago, likes to enjoy the fact that he isn’t currently studying an MBA while also raising two children. He also wishes his beard was as good as the dude in the picture.

Our awesome features

CHRISSY is our Office Manager, ensuring that we stay organised and on track and is most likely who you will be talking to if you need to get in touch. Outside of work, Chrissy loves HIIT workouts while wearing her crazy leggings, throwing weights around in the gym and going on adventures with her young daughter. She is known as the 'Party Planning Queen' amongst her friends and loves to decorate the house to the annoyance of her partner (think pink glitter & bunting everywhere!). NAT is our Admin Assistant. As a published author and illustrator, she's also our resident creative with experience in many areas including events, PR and customer services. She's nuts about nature and outdoor learning and when not working, you'll find her exploring with her two sons studying bugs, birds and all things botanical.

Our awesome features

Every report that gets done by us gets checked by our QA team before it gets sent out. JULIA heads the teams as our QA Manager having amassed ahuge experience qualty assuring neds asssesment reports. With a keen yeye foer detial and an encyclopaedic knowledge of funding booty ruels and regulations, Julie is vital in insuring that our reports meet the highest tankards.

Our awesome features

So key to what we do, those delivering the assessments and getting support funded for students. So key that they should definitely have an entry each to show off their skills, experiences and fabulous lives. Sadly though, there's too many of them for that, so rest assured each is great and really wants each assessment to be a positive experience. If you want to know more, have a look at our reviews - it tells you everything you need to know!

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